Dynasty Warriors Unleashed slashes its way worldwide on Android

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After a soft launch in February in Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, the free-to-play hack and slash mobile game Dynasty Warriors Unleashed is now available to download for Android worldwide from the Google Play Store.

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February 5, 2017

The game itself is based on the long-running and highly popular console game series from Koei Tecmo Games. Dynasty Warriors Unleashed, from publisher Nexon, looks like it will retain much of the gameplay from its console cousins. That means players can expect lots of over-the-top action as they swing their swords and other weapons to fight off hordes of enemies.

The game will allow you to pick from 48 “legendary” characters that have been collected from the entire Dynasty Warriors series. Each of these characters has his or her own unique skills and abilities.  You get to choose which ones you want to put into your team so you can take on your rivals. You can also boost your characters’ skills with the game’s weapon system.

You won’t lack for gameplay modes in Dynasty Warriors Unleashed. You can go online and participate in the simple Skirmish mode with up to four players. There’s also Boss Fight mode, where you join your friends in a co-op gameplay experience to take out huge boss characters. There’s also Raid mode, where you enter an enemy’s territory to take away their loot. War Supply mode sounds like a real-time strategy game, as players have to occupy mines to acquire resources. Finally, there is Conquest mode, where you slowly take over a massive map while others online try to do the same.

While Dynasty Warriors Unleashed is free to download and play, be aware there are in-app purchases that do cost real money. If you are a Dynasty Warriors fan, will you be checking out this mobile game addition? Let us know in the comments!

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